Congregational Retreat

Jesus modeled the important practice setting aside intentional time.  He left the crowds to seek solitude and intimacy for himself and the disciples, and to be in God’s presence. Retreats remain a vital part of Christian faith formation.  Time set apart on our annual church retreat helps slow down our hectic lives, providing space for conversation and community. We return from retreat refreshed and renewed for our call to live daily as people of faith.

At each retreat we explore a theme, gather in small groups for discussion, create an art project, children play together, we share vespers worship, a cook-out, share talents in a variety show, and have free time to walk, pray, meditate, or rest.

October 2019

 Our Annual Congregational Retreat in Montreat provides a unique opportunity for our church family – members and friends alike – to step back from the everyday activities and be renewed in our life together.  

Whether you are new to the congregation or a longtime member, the retreat provides a wonderful time to forge, renew and deepen relationships!  Stay overnight or commute all three days. We provide scholarships for overnight and/or commuting.