Annual congregational retreat 2018


Where is the Retreat?

Friday, October 5 we begin by checking in and enjoying dinner together.  We continue with our programs and vespers through Sunday, October 7 when we culminate the retreat experience with 11:00 a.m. worship.  The Assembly Inn in Montreat is 25 minutes east of Asheville. (INFO HERE)  Travel information & directions, CLICK HERE.


WHat do I Bring?

  • Wear comfortable and casual attire including our Sunday morning worship.
  • Bring drinks and snacks to share.
  • Bring recreational gear like hiking shoes, water shoes, softball gloves, tennis rackets, sneakers, flashlights, Frisbees, favorite board games & playing cards.
  • Bring all toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, and hair dryer if needed.

DO NOT bring pets, skateboards, roller-blades, roller skates, or alcohol.