congregational care

At First Presbyterian, we believe that one way we experience the presence of Christ in our lives is through the work of His body, the church. As a church, we minister to each other in times of need, receiving and giving care according to our different gifts. Mutual care also helps us to foster deep relationships and to support one another as we seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus.
Often this care happens organically and informally in the midst of our life together. At other times we rely on the work of the congregational care committee and a number of care teams, each of which is led by a deacon, to support the caring ministries within our community.


  • Visitation—This team regularly visits homebound members of the congregation. Leader: Barbra Love
    Team Training: October 14th after 11 a.m. worship

  • Meals- This team helps to provide food for a person or family by cooking, delivering, and organizing meals. Leader: Gail Ward
    Team Training: September 30th after 11 a.m. worship Team Cooking: October 28th at 4 o’clock

  • Barnabas –The Barnabas team is comprised of trained volunteers who are able and willing to walk alongside people who have long-term care needs and people in crisis. This team builds off of our history with Stephen ministry and is part of our ongoing conversation about how to meet that sort of need in our congregation. Leader: Frances Baldwin
    Team Meetings: Second Monday of the month, 9:30 AM.

  • Practical Help— The volunteers on this team are flexible and willing to help with all manner of tasks: moving, raking leaves, rides to the doctor’s office, etc. Leader: Tom Young
    Team Training: October 21st after 11 a.m. worship

  • Prayer Support Team- This team gathers to pray for our church and its members and our community. They often extend their time of prayer by reaching out with a phone call or card. Team Leader: Esther Pardue
    Monthly Meeting: 1st Thursday monthly at 10 AM
    Training: Ongoing

  • Bereavement and Grief- This group helps with the practical arrangements for funerals, but it also includes people who are familiar with the grief process and want to support members of our congregation who have recently suffered a loss. Leaders: LeNoir Medlock (griefcare); Valorie Vliek (funeral details)

  • Communion Outreach- Comprised of deacons and elders, this group extends communion to homebound members and members who are ill or unable to attend church for a season. Leader: Rebecca Gurney

  • Retirement Community Care- This team is formed of two or more deacons assigned to the Givens and Deerfield retirement communities. These deacons provide care and support to FPC members in these communities, and they also work to create a sense of community among church members there.
    Leaders: Givens – Marge Marsh and Earl Thompson; Sherry and Richard Sens
    Leaders: Deerfield – George and Debbie Duncan

  • Church Bus—This is a team of trained individuals who drive the church bus from retirement communities to church on Sunday mornings. Team Leader: Eve Bennett


Confidentiality is an important component to the work of all our teams, especially the prayer support team, the bereavement and grief team, and the Barnabas team.  If you would like to join a care team or have questions about that team, please contact Rebecca Gurney

If you need care for any reason, contact Rebecca Gurney, or, for an urgent need, call/ email our Care Line: 828-222-0113