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A Message from Be Loved House

We are working on building community gardens in our front yard, a larger garden for elders at the Senior Opportunity Center, and in partnership with Elder and Sage Gardeners a garden adjacent to Battery Park and Vanderbilt Apartments where over 300 senior residents of our city live. food.jpg

We are giving literally TONS of produce every week through free Fresh Farmers markets at the Senior Opportunity Center for elders and at the YWCA for children and their families as well as deliveries to the Griffin Apartments, Grove Court Apartments, Bartlett Arms Apartments, Battery Park Apartments and to other friends in West Asheville many of whom we met when they lived on the streets.


Through Homeless Voice, people on the streets are regularly advocating for solutions to homelessness and other struggles. Currently, they are adding their voices to the City of Asheville Comprehensive Plan that governs planning in our city of the next twenty years.  And our homeless Street Medic Team is training weekly and will soon be starting "rounds" to folks on the street through street and camp outreach.  This program recently made national news as a way to make healthcare more accessible while also giving leadership opportunities to people living on the streets!

Senior Opportunity Center

Senior Opportunity Center

Many of you have been asking how you can get more involved!  Contact Rev. Amy Cantrell at: