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Special Presentation by Asheville Youth Mission

SUNDAY, AUGUST 6 at 9:45 a.m.
Classes are open at all times for anyone to attend
*Childcare provided during all adult classes & studies

Making lunch at the Veteran's Restoration Quarters 2017

Making lunch at the Veteran's Restoration Quarters 2017

August 6  Asheville Youth Mission (AYM) Ministry (Room 213)
Learn more about Asheville Youth Mission (AYM) and how this ministry that we house in our building is making a huge positive impact!  AYM brings youth and college groups into the Asheville area to do outreach work. The summer college aged staff of Asheville Youth Mission will give a presentation about their life-changing summer experiences.

"This time (at AYM) together is always good and challenging for the group as a whole- to live, work & play together!" -Beth Thaxton, Adult, FPC Raleigh

I learned that you should always smile at someone new everyday. AYM taught me to love”- Will, 10th grade, Chapel of the Cross Episcopal, Chapel Hill, NC

I think God is telling me to create more time in my life to dedicate to making other lives better or more enjoyable”-Kyndra, 12th Grade, Church of Reconciliation

This summer’s theme Creating Spaces engages hundreds of teenagers from across the country in ministry with our Asheville neighbors.  Using creativity through the arts, AYM offers each group meaningful biblical study, worship experiences and opportunity to consider how God is calling them to create space in their own churches & communities.