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Adult Faith Development in February

Classes this February
(Sundays 9:45-10:45am)
All classes are open to visitors & guests at any time

"Take Me To the Water: A Conversation about Racism, Imagination, and Faith" 
(Room 213)  )  “About a year ago, I was asked to write an article for the Insights journal of Austin Theological Seminary on racism and the problem of whiteness. Racism is part of our national DNA, and each time we think this cancer is in recession it rears its head with a renewed and ugly force. Writing this article was an opportunity for me to explore my story, to understand better what it means to live in the world as a white person, and to think through how we can heal the disease of racism from a theological perspective. I invite you to join me for a conversation about these things."  - Patrick  If you would like to read the article it’s available online here as a pdf link or pick up a copy at church.  

"Nurturing Personal Resilience for Growth and Transformation"
Shocks come in every person's life. Sometimes they appear without warning, such as a car accident, a rapid onset illness, death or injury of a family member or close friend, or sudden financial or business setbacks. Sometimes shocks occur as a slow onset, fully anticipated and yet still leaving one with a stunning sense of loss. Examples are gradually declining health, aging, job insecurity, spiritual dryness, or the cumulative effects of living in a frantic rat race of family, school, work and church demands. Resilience is the capacity to bounce back after experiencing significant shocks, maintaining character, integrity and mission.
This six week class will teach a framework for nurturing personal resilience.  This class is a streamlined version of a graduate course, but focused exclusively on personal resilience, biblical-theological concepts will be integrated throughout.  Additional reading and materials will be suggested for those who want to pursue further study.  Alice & Bill will also share extensively from their own lives, their shocks, major crises, and how this framework can help anyone nurture their own ability to bounce back. Facilitators: Alice Petersen and Bill Lowrey

Sunday Morning Classes that Meet Weekly

Parables from the Backside; Bible Stories with a Twist   (Room 203)
This study offers new insight and understanding of Jesus' parables. Each lesson begins with a unique starting point, entering from the “backside” and viewing the parable with a new lens through the eyes of a minor character. Copies of the study book, $5.00 are available, contact Nancy McNeill to order. Facilitator:  Wayne Drummond

Coffee Talk 3.0  (Widman Room 107)
Coffee Talk welcomes all FPCA members and visitors, ages 21-40s. Join us for the film series, A Calling to the Beloved, as we explore the question what is God calling us to be? Nursery is available and little ones are always welcome. Coordinators:  Cat & Scott Kessler 

First Bible Class  (Room 112)
This class has met consistently for the past 100 years.  Participants study the Bible using “The Present Word” quarterly.  Winter Theme- “Faith in Action.”   Teacher: Hugh Howell

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Later Event: February 4
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