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Adult Faith Development in March

(Sundays 9:45-10:45am)
All classes are open to visitors & guests at any time

Through MARCH 18
"Nurturing Personal Resilience for Growth and Transformation"
Shocks come in every person's life. Sometimes they appear without warning, such as a car accident, a rapid onset illness, death or injury of a family member or close friend, or sudden financial or business setbacks. Sometimes shocks occur as a slow onset, fully anticipated and yet still leaving one with a stunning sense of loss. Examples are gradually declining health, aging, job insecurity, spiritual dryness, or the cumulative effects of living in a frantic rat race of family, school, work and church demands. Resilience is the capacity to bounce back after experiencing significant shocks, maintaining character, integrity and mission.
This class will teach a framework for nurturing personal resilience.  This class is a streamlined version of a graduate course, but focused exclusively on personal resilience, biblical-theological concepts will be integrated throughout.  Additional reading and materials will be suggested for those who want to pursue further study.  Alice & Bill will also share extensively from their own lives, their shocks, major crises, and how this framework can help anyone nurture their own ability to bounce back. Facilitators: Alice Petersen and Bill Lowrey

Sunday Morning Classes that Meet Weekly

Parables from the Backside; Bible Stories with a Twist   (Room 203)
This study offers new insight and understanding of Jesus' parables. Each lesson begins with a unique starting point, entering from the “backside” and viewing the parable with a new lens through the eyes of a minor character. Copies of the study book, $5.00 are available, contact Nancy McNeill to order. Facilitator:  Wayne Drummond

Coffee Talk 3.0  (Widman Room 107)
Coffee Talk welcomes all FPCA members and visitors, ages 21-40s. Join us for the film series, A Calling to the Beloved, as we explore the question what is God calling us to be? Nursery is available and little ones are always welcome. Coordinators:  Cat & Scott Kessler 

First Bible Class  (Room 112)
This class has met consistently for the past 100 years.  Participants study the Bible using “The Present Word” quarterly.  Winter Theme- “Faith in Action.”   Teacher: Hugh Howell

Earlier Event: March 18
Children's Ministry: Godly Play
Later Event: March 22
Women's Studies