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April Adult Faith Development Classes

Sunday Classes Meeting this Month

(Sundays 9:45-10:45am) 
All classes are open to visitors & guests at any time

April 8   Gallery Talk  (1st Floor Gallery)
The current exhibit in the gallery features the work of Martha Jane Petersen, a fabric artist who lives in Black Mountain.  Her art quilts (wall hangings) are “improvisational” quilts. Petersen says she “works intuitively” with ideas springing from her imagination, inspired by poetry, nature, and Scripture. Petersen is an ordained Presbyterian minister who views her art as part of her ministry.  Join us as Martha shares more about her inspiration and the display. The exhibit continues till the end of April.    

April 15  Take Me to the Water;  Race, Culture, & Christianity  (Room 213) 
About a year ago, I was asked to write an article on racism and the problem of whiteness. Racism is part of our national DNA, and each time we think this cancer is in recession it rears its head with a renewed and ugly force. This was an opportunity for me to explore my story, to understand better what it means to live in the world as a white person, and to think through how we can heal the disease of racism from a theological perspective. If interested, the article is available HERE or copies are at church. Teacher:  Rev. Dr. Patrick Johnson    
April 22  It Isn’t Easy Singing Green (Campbell Chapel)
The church sings joyously of the beauty of the earth.  But what about earth's pain? We will look together at the challenges of hymn-writing and hymn-singing in our current context of environmental threats and opportunities.  Teacher:  Dr. Mel Bringle; Professor and chair of the Humanities Division at Brevard College; hymn writer and editor of the
newest PC(USA) hymnal “Glory to God.”



April 29  “The Fire This Time”  (Room 213)
Rev. Dr. Cam Murchison will revisit the theme from a sermon he preached at FPCA on April 22, 2012 with the title “The Fire This Time”.  He will explore that theme, expanding and developing issues of climate disruption and biblical and theological grounding for our response. 

Sunday Classes Meeting Weekly

Parables from the Backside; Bible Stories with a Twist   (Room 203)
This study offers new insight and understanding of Jesus' parables. Each lesson begins with a unique starting point, entering from the “backside” and viewing the parable with a new lens through the eyes of a minor character. Copies of the study book, $5.00 are available, contact Nancy McNeill to order. Facilitator: Wayne Drummond

Coffee Talk 3.0  (Widman Room 107)
Coffee Talk welcomes all FPCA members and visitors, ages 21-40s. Join us this month to learn about our FPCA Mission Partners. Nursery is available and little ones are always welcome. Coordinators: Cat & Scott Kessler

First Bible Class  (Room 112)
This class has met consistently for the past 100 years.  Participants study the Bible using “The Present Word” quarterly.  Spring Theme- “Acknowledging God.”   Teacher: Hugh Howell