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Ride the Bus for Social Justice!  

Thursday, October 19 is a chance to experience what many people in our community live with every day: riding the bus and accepting food handouts. A group from FPC will walk two blocks from the church to the city's central bus station and ride the city bus to 12 Baskets "free food" restaurant  for lunch with neighbors.  We'll return downtown by bus too. Twelve Baskets was started by our Adjunct Pastor for Mission Engagement, Shannon Spencer, and serves good restaurant food that would normally be thrown away. There is no charge for customers. Donations are welcome. 
Meet at the church at 11:00 AM next Thursday, October 19 for an excursion that may change your way of thinking. We will be back at the church by 2:00 PM.  Bus fares are one dollar per ride for adults or 50 cents per ride for adults over 65.   Bring exact change.
Please let us know if you are coming. Contact Marge Marsh or Jane Laping 828-277-7342. 

Please let Marge Marsh or Jane Laping (828 277-7342) know if you'd like to join us.