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Creation Care Fair

Mark your calendars to bring your kids, grand kids and yourself to First Presbyterian’s multi-generational Creation Care Fair with the theme of “Moving Toward Zero Waste” on Sunday, April 29. Since First Presbyterian has recycled for many years and now composts as well, there is little left to be thrown into the trash. Learn what we are doing at the church to move toward zero waste, and how you can reduce your trash at home in order to better care for God’s creation.

Between the services, the Creation Care Team will conduct children’s activities and games for kindergarten though fifth grade children and their parents in the fellowship hall. Adults and kids will learn what is recyclable and compostable and how to cut down on trash that isn’t either.

After the 11:00 AM service and a light lunch, children’s activities and games will continue in the fellowship hall. Adult classes will focus on moving toward zero waste at home, living simply, and reducing our carbon footprints by using less energy. Exhibitors in the foyer will provide information and products to make these changes easier.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to take care of the earth that God has entrusted to us. Join the Creation Care Team on April 29 to learn and practice basic ways of being good stewards. 

Contact Jane Laping 828-277-7342 for more information. To share your interest with Creation Care, complete this quick survey.