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Sign up for "Dine With Nine” TODAY!

These small fellowship groups meet monthly to share a meal in each others' homes or in another setting of the group's choice. If you'll let us know that you're interested, we'll assign you to a group of approximately nine adults who will meet in September, October and November on dates that are convenient to the group members.

Typically, hosts welcome the group to their home or make restaurant arrangements, prepare a main dish, and others bring side dishes or a dessert. Hosting duties rotate each month, but you do not need to serve as host in order to participate.

Additional Sign-up Options Include:

  • A group that meets on Sundays right after worship and selects eating at a restaurant in the downtown area. 
  • Families interested in a group that includes children and youth and/or a group with FPC childcare provided at church. 

 Please let us know by August 30 if you'd like to take part.  You may sign up by filling out a card on the reception desk or using the form below.


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