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Adult Faith Development June 2017

All classes are open at all times for anyone to attend
Sunday Morning Classes   9:45-10:45am

Special Faith Development Classes:

June 4    “The Mystery of the Divine Through Art”:  A Gallery Talk by Sylvia Johnson Everett whose art is currently on exhibit in our gallery.  Using a variety of media and techniques, she creates alternative and contemporary religious imagery appropriate to the present time.  She will talk about her art displayed in the gallery and will also talk about the transparent Pentecost banners hanging in the sanctuary beginning on June 4.  She is an accomplished artist whose work is held in many collections and who has exhibited widely, both in the US and in Germany and South Africa.                                                                                                                                   
Class Series: Nurturing Reconciliation and Peace

June 11 Confronting the Threat of Genocide in South Sudan
The current crisis in South Sudan has created the worst refugee crisis in Africa right now. Nearly 2 million people have fled the country and another 2 million are internally displaced. The economy has collapsed and the death toll is beyond anyone's ability to calculate. This class will provide an update on the situation and look at the 10 stages of genocide. It will offer ways to counter the stages of genocide and show relevance for our own families, communities, and country when we find ourselves divided and struggling to build bridges across our differences.

June 18:  Tribal Wisdom for Peace and Reconciliation
There is a dramatic contrast between tribal or indigenous methods of conflict resolution and western methods. Bill Lowrey used tribal methods, when western methods had failed, to facilitate the end of a major tribal war in southern Sudan in 1999. He will draw lessons from such traditional methods and the wisdom of oral cultures that are relevant to our modern culture and need to be considered again in South Sudan if a genuine peace is to be restored. This is a case study of how the Christian church was able to work with African traditional religion and its leaders to find common ground for peace and reconciliation.

June 25:  Nurturing Resilience to Face Life's Toughest Challenges
This class has application for those living through traumatized societies, as in South Sudan, and also for all of us as we face our own shocks and challenges in life. Bill and Alice have taught a course in Nurturing Resilience at the Master's level at Eastern Mennonite University in VA, in workshops in East Africa and Central Asia, and in adult education seminars in their previous church in Virginia. This class will provide a framework for personal resilience. Bill and Alice have particularly applied this to situations of high stress such as caregiving for Alzheimer's, family crises, either slow-onset or rapid onset trauma, and the normal losses that occur in all life journeys.

Class leaders:  Bill Lowrey and Alice Petersen are both retired PCUSA clergy who have recently made Asheville and FPC-A their retirement community. Bill is a former Presbyterian Mission Co-Worker for Sudan who has been engaged in peacemaking work there for the past 26 years. He also served as Director of Peacebuilding and Reconciliation for World Vision International for ten years. Alice has made five trips to South Sudan, teaching trauma recovery and supporting peace efforts. In January 2017 they facilitated a retreat for 34 South Sudanese in northern Uganda to support peace efforts and nurture resilience for key leaders in the face of the current civil war and threatened genocide. Bill is a specialist in indigenous methods of conflict resolution and facilitated a peace conference in 1999 that ended an 8 year war at that time between the Dinka and Nuer tribes. That peace held for 15 years until the current civil war broke out in December 2013.

Ongoing Classes

Coffee Talk 3.0  (Widman Room 107/1st floor)
Young adults age 22-early 40’s are invited to this exciting opportunity for growing spiritually and to build community. Discussion topic, Searching for Sunday, author Rachel Held Evans, no prior preparation required. We love for visitors to join us as our church continues to grow!  Contact:  Marilyn Cortes

“The Thoughtful Christian”  (Room 202) 
Class study –Covenant Bible Study an in-depth study covering all books of the Bible, shows interconnectedness of scripture and reflects on how God’s covenant relationship is woven throughout.  include: current issues, biblical studies, and theological concerns. Facilitator: Wayne Drummond

First Bible Class  (Room 112)
Participants study the Bible using the “Present Word” quarterly and occasionally help with an unfunded need. Bible Study June Theme: Called to be Strong, selections from the book of Judges. Teacher:  Hugh Howell