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Men's Quarterly Breakfast & Meeting

A Presbyterian Men's breakfast and meeting will be held on Tuesday June 13, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall at First Presbyterian Church of Asheville.

Join us for a delicious breakfast, fellowship, and an opportunity to continue one's faith journey. After a short business meeting, Waid Shelton, member of the Presbyterian Men's Organization, will lead a discussion regarding "outside signage possibilities". He will be assisted in the presentation by partners in the company SignServ, Robert Simmons and Kevin Fetrow.

As background information, the Presbyterian Men's Organization feels that the current signage, both internal and external, needs to be modified in order to help visitors find their way into and around the church in an easier fashion. Any recommendations stemming from these discussions will be forwarded to the appropriate committee of the church for consideration.

Any man who attends our church or his friends are welcome to come to the breakfast and meeting. Call or email the church office to sign up for the event or email the office