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January Ongoing Sunday Classes

Coffee Talk 3.0     Class will join CORE 3 class on Jan. 29 & 31
(Widman Room/1st floor)
Coffee Talk is open to all FPCA members and visitors, ages 21-40s. Discussion topic; Searching for Sunday, author Rachel Held Evans, no prior preparation required. We love for visitors to join us as our church continues to grow!   Contact:  Marilyn Cortes 

“The Thoughtful Christian” (Room 202) 
Class study –Covenant Bible Study an in-depth study covering all books of the Bible, shows interconnectedness of scripture and reflects on how God’s covenant relationship is woven throughout.  Facilitator:  Wayne Drummond

First Bible Class (Room 112)
January Theme -Praise From and For God’s Creation; book of Psalms
This class has met consistently for the past 100 years.  Participants study the Bible using “The Present Word” quarterly and occasionally help out with an unfunded ministry or an unfunded need.  Teacher: Hugh Howell