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Prayer for Our Nation

Living Lord,

You have told me what is good and what you require:

act with justice, 

overflow with mercy, 

walk with humility.

Together with my sisters and brothers I confess

       that our nation has fallen far short of your instruction;

I see the consequences of our sin,

       I acknowledge my participation

and I grieve the painful wounds in our national life.

As I prepare to cast my vote, enable me to

quiet the divisive clamor of our national discourse,

so that I may hear your small, still voice.

Lead me in wisdom, 

to choose leaders who will seek the common welfare:

who will uplift my daughters and guide my sons.  

who will walk with my mother

and watch over my father.

who will shelter my neighbor and listen to strangers

leaders who will see the image of God in each one.


Help me to love those with whom I disagree.

Fill me with the reconciling power of Jesus Christ

so that I may be

an instrument of peace

a dismantler of divisive walls

a mender of broken places

a seeker of truth and goodness.


Lord help me to pray in the company of

those who have gone before me

those who will go long after me

those who walk beside me down the street today

and those whose paths may never cross mine


Deliver me from fear that controls me

Lead me toward "all that is beautiful, and all that is terrible,"

that I may be your hands and feet in this world that you love

and bring glory to your holy name.



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