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Special Offering: to benefit Mission Co-Workers in Madagascar

Dan & Elizabeth with son, Robert and daughter, Frances Turk

Dan & Elizabeth with son, Robert and daughter, Frances Turk

On Sunday, June 10 the session has approved a special offering to benefit the ministry of mission co-workers Dan and Elizabeth Turk in Madagascar. A child of this church, Dan and his wife Elizabeth have been doing important health & development work in Madagascar with the FJKM (the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, PCUSA’s partner denomination) since 1997. Following Christ’s example of feeding the hungry and healing the sick, the FJKM believes that the church’s involvement in fighting poverty is a tangible way of showing people that God loves them and has not abandoned them. This is especially important in a country where over 90% of the people live in poverty, on less than $2 a day.

The offering will support Dan’s works with the FJKM’s Fruits, Vegetables, and Environmental Education (FVEE) project. With per capita income less than $250 per year, many Malagasy people have difficulty feeding their families. Due to ongoing deforestation, many of Madagascar’s endemic plants and animals are threatened with extinction. FJKM is responding to these needs by helping people grow fruits and vegetables to improve their nutrition and get out of poverty. The FVEE has established a fruit center to help promote fruit growing, especially many of the world’s best varieties of grafted mangos, on a national scale.

Our special offering will go towards meeting these needs:

Madagascar map.jpg
  1. Completing the water system for the FJKM Mahatsinjo Fruit Tree Center.  While the gravity-fed system was successfully completed this February, we still need to cement in the 2 open water reservoirs that are located on the property.  These reservoirs will serve as backup sources of water when the dry season is at its peak.  The estimated cost is $5000 which includes materials, labor and supervision.
  2. Planting 50-tree tangerine orchard.  This will serve as an example of how local people can increase their income from growing tangerines.  Cost: $1 500.

The Mission Committee has pledged $2,500 from our Mission Endowment to help these efforts, and invites the congregation to consider support financially and through prayers.

The Turks will be here in worship on Sunday, June 10, and will be available to discuss their work throughout the morning at a display table in the Wallace Foyer. If you are unable to give on June 10, you can make a gift online anytime. 

For more information, contact Mission Committee chairperson Beth Cummings.