Financial Giving

We encourage Youth & Families to participate as ushers.

We encourage Youth & Families to participate as ushers.

Over 10% of our annual church budget supports various mission opportunities. This percentage does not include our denominational special offerings or contributions in-kind, such as the use of our space for ministries like the Child Care Center and Asheville Youth Mission. In addition to the funds provided through our annual budget, we raise mission support through the Loaves & Fishes Alternative Gifts Market co-sponsored with Trinity Episcopal.


Generation to Generation

Generation to Generation is the planned giving ministry of First Presbyterian Church. It begins with the humble recognition that all of us have received great blessings from previous generations. To use the images of scripture, we drink from wells we did not dig and sit under the shade of trees we did not plant.  

For each generation there comes a time to hand on what we have received, to invest our resources in future generations. When we do, we pray that their wells will be deeper and the shade of their trees will be broader.  

Through planned giving, we can help future generations immeasurably, and multiply the
impact of their witness. Our gifts today mean their dollars can go further and the reach of their ministry can be wider.

Please consider making First Presbyterian Church of Asheville part of your legacy. It is an investment in the future witness of this congregation, as we receive and share the love of Jesus Christ from generation to generation.

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