First Presbyterian Church is governed by a session, which is comprised of ruling elders elected and installed by the congregation and pastors. The role of the session is to “govern the congregation and guide its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness.”

The session is made up of three classes, with members serving three year terms. The current members of session are:

Joanne Bartsch, Eva Greene, Margaret Black, Pat Harr, Wayne Drummond, Beth Cummings, Jansen McCreary, Paul Vliek, Scott Kessler, Joan Murchison, Grant Moss, Michele Simmons, Rebecca Huntley, Sue Sparboe-Derry, John Traylor, Bill Winkler, Waid Shelton, Esther Pardue (Clerk of Session)