Weekly Adult Faith Development Sundays at 9:45 a.m.

Text Talk Bible Study (Room 213) Teacher: Jane Vann
Study & discuss the Biblical text of the sermon for that day

Coffee Talk 3.0  (Widman Room 107)  Coordinator: Cat Kessler
Particularly suited for parents of children infant through elementary age. Discussion of a variety of topics including; family, faith, theology, current topics and bible study.

First Bible Class (Conference Room 1st Floor)  Teacher: Hugh Howell
Participants study the Bible using “The Present Word” quarterly.

Contemplative Prayer with Alice Petersen (Room 203)
Alice describes the class in this way: In our noisy world, being quiet enough to pray is sometimes difficult. Each Sunday we will have a short time of instruction in centering prayer. We will enter into silence gradually increasing amounts of time in order to hear the whispers of God’s Spirit. We will use personal journaling to capture thoughts that occur during the silence.


Our Weather Related Closing Information

Check our Facebook page, WLOS on TV and the main page of the website for delays or closing information. If you are unable to access those, you can call the church office phone (select option 6). We send an email when programs, worship and/or meetings are cancelled.

Our parking lot will have large icy patches and sometimes the sidewalks have icy patches also— please be sure to consider this before you come to church.
The upper parking deck is very slick after icy weather.

  • Sunday morning worship and Faith Development- An announcement will be posted on the church website and on the phone answering machine (option 6) no later than 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. 11:00 worship will be held if possible. If the early service is cancelled, Faith Development will also be cancelled and the Church Bus will not run.

  • Church office and other activities- Please check with the leader of your group or meeting before coming to church. Some meetings are not on the church calendar, so do not rely on the office for meeting cancellations. You may call the church office for office delays and closings.

  • Office volunteers should call the church office before you drive to the church to make sure someone is in. We prefer you stay safe than try to come out in bad weather.