Liturgical Arts Banners for Ordinary Time

Between the seasons of Epiphany and Lent and again between Pentecost and Advent, the church celebrates "Ordinary Time." But it is not "ordinary" at all.  In between the high seasons of the church, the “big events” of Jesus’ life, we focus on both the ministry of Jesus and our own spiritual growth.  

The color for Ordinary Time is green, in all its shades and variations. Live plants and flowers abound. During Ordinary Time the church celebrates the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection and the unfolding presence of the new creation.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God is making all things new. The church engages in practices of prayer, shares our faith with others, and works for compassion and justice. 

The six banners that adorn our sanctuary, with their leaves and vines, feature all the colors of the natural world. These colors also reflect the connection of Ordinary Time to the other church seasons and their distinctive colors. 

Many thanks to Cindy Nelson, Mary Ellen Porter, Joan Murchison, Carol Vruwink, Cathie Dodson, and Jane Vann for their work on these banners.