Adult Faith Development in Room 112

What’s Happening in Room 112?

June 2 Are You Ready to Cross Over?  Joshua 3:7—4:7; Romans 6:3–4 

Confirming our faith culminates with a water crossing—Joshua and the Jordan, and Jesus and the baptism of his death and resurrection. Crossings are lifted up as important transitions in life and in the life of faith, especially for young people at their Confirmation, but also for others both individually and as a gathered people.  What crossings are we lifting up?

June 9 Partners in Health and Wholeness

The gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is a call for us to interpret the work of God in the World—to point to God’s active love among us.  

June 16 A Trinity for Father’s Day

When we invoke the ancient liturgy of blessing “in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,” we encounter what has become a problematic formulation of the Trinity, especially in this age of #metoo.  Come with open minds to consider how God creates anew this strong name. Leader: Patrick Johnson

June 23 Marketplace from AD 29-2019

In preparation for our Marketplace AD 29 next week, we will explore the present reality of Jerusalem today.

June 30 ~ Look for details in the upcoming bulletins and email ~

July 7 No Meeting

July 14 - August 25 The Text Talk Class, led by Jane Vann, will join those who gather in Room 112 to consider passages from the Book of Acts and we will use as a resource the book by Matthew L. Skinner, Intrusive God, Disruptive Gospel Encountering the Divine in the Book of Acts. Order your own book if you’d like a copy or email Rev. Kathryn Johnson Cameron to get help ordering a book.