Adult Faith Development in Room 112

What’s Happening in Room 112?

Beginning in March Room 112 will host Big God, Big Questions for Adults Based on the confirmation curriculum, adults are invited to join in asking the
Big questions and learning how we might support our youth
in the questions they ask of our Big God.

March 3: How Do We Know and Trust God? 
Psalm 105:1–45; Hebrews 11:1–38

When God calls us to covenant loyalty, God calls us to trust. When we understand how God has acted in the past and promises to act today and tomorrow, we can trust in God’s promises even in the face of uncertainty.

Leader: Kathryn Johnson Cameron

March 10: Youth Sunday/Daylight Savings Time
This class will not meet

March 17: What is Sin and How Do We Turn from It? 
Genesis 3:1–24; Genesis 4:1–16; Exodus 32:1–10, 34:1–10; 2 Samuel 11:1–27; Exodus 20:1–17; Matthew 22:34–40

If we have organized our lives around anything other than God, then our hearts are sinful. We do things that break God’s heart, hurt other people, and damage God’s creation. We even hurt ourselves. We are called to work in the world against sin and evil to transform society in gratitude for God’s grace and mercy.

Leader: Steve Aschmann

March 24: Who is Your Lord? 
Philippians 2:1–13; Exodus 3:13–15; 1 Kings 18:20–39

To claim Jesus Christ as Lord is one way we express trust in the gracious mercy of God. God sent Jesus to human beings to show us how to live in loyalty to Jesus (Jesus is Lord). As Presbyterians, we affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ so that nothing else in the world can claim lordship in our lives.

Who is Your Savior? 
Ephesians 2:1–10; Exodus 3:1–17; Luke 19:1–10; 2 Kings 5:1–15; Mark 2:1–12; Matthew 18:21–35; Luke 15:11–32

Humans are utterly dependent on the triune God for their salvation. Jesus Christ crucified is the only Savior and Lord, and all people everywhere are called to place their faith, hope, and love in him. To claim Jesus Christ as Savior is one way we express trust in the gracious mercy of God.

Leader: Kathryn Johnson Cameron

March 31: What Does It Mean to Be a Disciple of Jesus? 
Mark 8:27‒38; Mark 12:41–44; Matthew 20:22–28; Acts 7:51–60

Jesus Christ is not asking to be a part of your life. He is asking to be your life. Even today the church and the believer are called to answer the question, “How do we faithfully obey Christ’s word?”

Leader: Steve Aschmann