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Focus on: Our Building

 Click Here to read our 2017-18 Stewardship Brochure

Click Here to read our 2017-18 Stewardship Brochure

The building complex that houses First Presbyterian is more than a big chunk of our operating budget and takes lots of TLC to keep it together.  It means many things to many people, both FPA members and the greater Asheville community. We house the Church, the Child Care Center, and the Asheville Youth Mission in a total of 67,000 square feet.  On any given day, there are more than 100 people here, including the Child Care Center.  Between the months of October through March, the buildings are in use every single day and it costs about $4,000 per month to heat or cool the buildings for all those activities.

We all know that it’s a busy place, full of people and worthy activities, but it there is much more to it than that. When asked about what our buildings and how they are used mean to them, FPCA members shared comments that reveal inspiring and insightful feelings:

“This structure is the physical construct of faith.  It becomes the meeting place for the activities of faith.”

“We make space for God, service, mission in our Church. A hub of goodness in downtown.  It’s worth the budget it takes to keep our lights and heat on.”

“It means that as a community of faith, we are using our physical presence (the buildings) to our mission to be a church of God in our downtown community.  Walking the walk, not just talking the talk.”

“Overall, this means to me, the creation of opportunity.  The opportunity for people and neighbors to be more connected with one another in a world that seeks to disconnect.”

“This building represents a ‘safe place’, and a ‘second home’ for us, particularly my teenagers involved in youth.”

Our building: that big place where we discover and celebrate our faith, act upon it by mission and community service, welcome all, and share our gifts of time and talent in many ways.

from the FPCA Stewardship Committee