Women's Studies

We meet to learn, to share a meal and to enjoy the company of other women in our church.  Any woman who attends our church and her friends are welcome to come to meetings. Women who wish to attend are strongly encouraged to call the church office and sign up to come.  Signing up the day before our meeting date is most helpful to hostesses and program planners.  They need to set up chairs, have dinner ware and drinks and make copies of program materials so that everyone attending has just what she needs to be provided-  a positive experience with the group.

The diversity of our women and the topics we explore make our meetings together fun and educational.  Our group provides an excellent opportunity for fellowship and for strengthening the ties within our church family.   

This year our group is adjusting our schedule to avoid so much driving at night.  We will be meeting for three months at 6:00 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday and five months @ 10:30 a.m. on Thursday mornings.  We share a pot luck meal, unless the description of the gathering has a special meal included. Potluck dinner will be shared at the evening gatherings and potluck brunch/lunch will happen in the day.  

Here is our brochure with dates, program topics, and location information.

For more information about Women’s Studies, call/email Jo Nan Hester 253-1431 x. 116 / jhester@fpcasheville.org