Weekly Adult Faith Development Sundays at 9:45 a.m.

COFFEE TALK | Room 107
Particularly suited for parents of children infant through elementary age, who like to have low-key time to sip coffee and chat. Coordinator: Cat Kessler

TEXT TALK | Room 213
Especially for visitors, new members, long time members, study & discuss the Biblical text of the sermon for that day. Teacher: Jane Vann

FIRST BIBLE CLASS | Conference Room
Living in Covenant: God established a covenant relationship with us from the beginning of Creation, through Jesus Christ. This covenant includes the church and the world. God’s ongoing relationship with us is “covenant in the truest form of the word.” Leader: Hugh Howell

The class will be led alternately by pastors and community partners. Please pick up a sheet in Room 112, check the bulletin, weekly email or the list in the elevator for more detailed information about these classes.